About Us

Who are you guys?
In front of people, we are just two students with computer science major.
In secret, we are Arab FanSubbers.

Why did you create the team?
I think because of deep thinking. O_o

Guys, why your name is “Erai-Raws”, while your releases contain subtitles?
At the beginning, our plan was to release “raws” only,
but with the time, we released the subtitles because we thought it is better.

Who are your current members?
– maem
– ShareAnime

So don’t believe anyone tells you, he is from our team.

I saw your team name [Erai-raws] in the X site, is that you?
We don’t take any responsibility for any releases that are not from the team,
You can find our official releases by the publisher name [Erai-Raws] at these sites:

We release the softsub as soon as possible, but sometimes we release the hardsub temporarily for those who can’t afford to wait.

The X translation isn’t included in the episode X from X anime, can you …?
Missing translations will only be added with the batch when the anime ends.
For those who want the missing translations, they can download it from subs section.

Can you release X anime?
Sorry. We prefer to release the anime that we think it worth to be released only.

What is the source of y…(Don’t even thinking to ask!)

Where is the episode X?
You have to be patient. So please wait for it.

Your releases don’t work for me, I need a solution!
Use one of these media players:
MPV (for all OS)
KLCP Mega (Windows)
IINA (macOS)
MX Player (Android)
nPlayer (IOS)

There is a problem with one of the episodes.
We would be happy to know the problem from you by describing it or sending a picture to our accounts in social media or e-mail.

Why don’t you respond to me on your social site account or email?
We respond to messages that we see only as important.

I want to support your team, how?
There are three ways to support us:
– You can be a patron for us.
– You can donate by using the the sidebar in the website.

– You can tell your friends about us and what we offer.

Guys, I see colors on the episodes on your site, what do you mean by it??
A means the anime still airing.
B means it is a batch .
M means a movie or special episode.
E means enhanced encodation by one of our members.
R means raw and will add the subs to it in the future if available.
F means it is the finale episode of the anime.
S means it is the subtitle files only. N means it is notification of some subtitles have been added to the subs section.