Three years and more…

Posted on: May 30, 2020

Hello our dear followers,
What a strange year full of surprises appear from every corner,

some of it might be good for others and the opposite for others.
At the beginning, we would like to inform you all that we reached our third year since we started (13/04/2017), and all thanks goes to you. You supported us very well, so thank you very much.
Lately, you might wonder about the reason why the team releases become late sometimes. There are many reasons such as our situations because of covid-19 and the editing started to take more time on some of FUNimation releases, and the conflict between our personal things and the release schedule.
for those who wants any anime that released by Netflix, we would like to tell you that we will release them soon. Please be patient and wait until we tell you that we are ready to take requests.
We will be back as strong as before soon.
Now, let us talk about the main point of this post. We wanted to tell you that we stopped Ads at the website on Apr 15. It doesn’t mean we don’t need it, the outcome we got from ads was $25 only per two months which is not good. Also, they were making the site ugly and annoying you and the team too. So, we decided that we will not use any Pop-up ads anymore on the site forever. However, if we found a good company that offer banner ads, then we might use it since it isn’t going to annoy anyone.
As all of you know, things don’t go as planned sometimes and that happened to us this time. When the team created, we didn’t want help whether by using ads or ask for donations. At the time that Erai-Raws created, we didn’t thought we might need help whether by using ads or ask for donations.
Last two months, we didn’t have any problems covering our servers cost because of Patreon donors One-Time donors who used PayPal, and that is 35% we depend on each month. Right now, a lot of PayPal donors stopped suddenly, and Patreon donations decreased so much. In the past. we were getting 220$ from Patreon and the rest from One-Time donors. Right now, we only get 170$ from Patreon + 27$ PayPal and it is the total amount we get from donations. A huge percent started to disappear and that is not good for covering the costs. We started to worry that we might lose our main server that has more 20 TB (The one that holds the batches). It is not easy to make a backup for this amount of data or to restore it later. Some of you, might say that there are methods to make a backup, but that will cost us like one of our servers which is we prefer to avoid, and others might suggest that they can make backups for us. Thank you for that, but we don’t want to bother you about this since it is not an easy method. We know that some of the jobs in some countries stopped temporarily and some of you have family’s problems because of the worldwide problem (Covid-19). All we want from you, is just to keep the donations above 300$ only, nothing more so we don’t lose the servers we use. Also, we are planning to provide a new server in the future if the above problem solved to make the download faster for you and solve the slow browsing. Our data shows that the number of downloaders increased recently and that is why the speed decreased. Probably you might suggest using specific companies instead of what we use but believe us we use good servers with the cheap prices.
At the end, please know that Erai-Raws’s fate depends on your support and will continue as you continue. It is not easy for two members only to provide what the team provided so far. We might start losing servers at the beginning of July if we couldn’t solve this problem. If this happened, we don’t plan to re-do the whole wiped data even if the problem solved later.
And thanks to everyone who supported us or followed us since the beginning until now. We really appreciate it.
Thank you for your time and for everything.